Lamar Electric Cooperative || CHAMBER SPOTLIGHT

January 16, 2019

Lamar Electric Cooperative has been serving Lamar County for the past 80-years and services 2,400 miles of line not only in Lamar County but neighboring counties also.

“A general misconception that many have is that we only serve Lamar County,” said CEO and General Manager, Jerry Williams. “Our lines reach out into all of our neighboring counties as well.”

A member of the Lamar County Chamber of Commerce since 1942, Lamar County Cooperative was founded in 1938 and currently employs 32 locals.

Lamar Electric Cooperative || CHAMBER SPOTLIGHT

“We have currently outgrown our facilities,” said Williams. “The current plan is to build our headquarters just west of Blossom on Highway 82.”

Williams said building their new headquarters in that location will provide them a more central location of the areas they serve.

“We’re hoping to break ground on that by early next year,” added Williams.

There will also be a meeting room at the new facility that will be able to accommodate 250 people.

“Members of Lamar County Electric Cooperative will be to reserve this facility at no cost, except for a cleaning fee,” said Williams.

The facility can host weddings, showers, family reunions and other events.

Recently, three things have happened to help all Lamar Electric Cooperative customers.

  1. Revamped the Right of Way program
  2. Mailed out checks to customers that will total 2.3 million. Every customer has equity in the company and this has been done in the past.”
  3. Reduced rates by 2 cents that will save customers $4 million.

When it comes to taking care of their customers, Lamar Electric Cooperative makes that their priority.

“When I get up every morning I asked myself what I can do to provide a service to our customers,” said Williams. “We need to continue to look for ways to improve life in rural areas.”

Being a member of the Lamar County Chamber of Commerce for the past 76-years, Williams said showing their support for organizations that want to help rural areas is what being a member is all about.

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