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Lamar County Chamber of Commerce offers group health insurance to members

January 16, 2019

The Lamar County Chamber of Commerce has partnered with other local chambers throughout the region in launching the Healthy VIEW of East Texas.

This initiative was headed up by the Longview Chamber of Commerce.

When legislation changed, the chamber revived their Association Health Plan with United Healthcare and has now reached out to 31 counties in East Texas.

“As a benefit to Chamber members, the Lamar County Chamber of Commerce has joined with other East Texas Chambers to offer group health insurance for employers with 2-50 employees. Chamber members can get the benefits of being in a large group by joining with other Chamber members for buying group health insurance. ” Paul Allen.

Healthy VIEW of East Texas, is an association health plan for small businesses (2-50 employees) who are members in good standing with their local chamber.

This new program went into effect Nov. 1st, 2018.

Under revised regulations, associations can offer health insurance to their member businesses. These new association health plans provide small businesses the same type of flexibility in product choices and pricing that large employers currently experience. Participating businesses can choose from 20 unique Affordable Care Act-compliant plans, some which will cost up to 15 percent less than Adjusted Community Rating equivalents in the market.

The association Health plans feature: 20 unique plans with national networks including PPO Plans, Exclusive Provider Organizational plans, Health Managed Organizational Plans Dental and Vision plans A Choice Network Wellness programs, including Real Appeal, an online weight-loss program, Quit for Life, for tobacco cessation assistance.

What does these mean for members of Lamar County Chamber of Commerce? Chamber members can reach out to their insurance agencies that are Chamber Members and get more information on pricing and plans that will benefit their employees. We feel this is an added benefit for our Chamber Members.

Last modified: January 16, 2019

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